News Report

News Report

Team Selection NWEBA vs Falcon IBC


@ 2.15pm on Saturday 23rd October 2021

1 Adrian Cobie 1 Kevin Sneed 1 Graham Mansell 1 Mark Dovaston 1 Ivan Monk 1 Kris Rose
2 Derek Haines 2 David Atterbury 2 Steve Pattenden 2 Trevor Wignall 2 Arthur Douglas 2 Richard Chapman
3 Chris Waite 3 John Todd 3 Jim Girvan 3 Nick Dykes
3 Mike Armsworth 3 Pat Ashcroft
S Brian Chadwick S John Martin S Andy Tutton S Ray Clow S Shaun Hill S Bill Eldridge

14 Views - Last updated: 01/12/21

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