News Report

News Report

Presidents Team selection for NWEBA v English Indoor Bowling Association


To be held on Friday 10th December 2021 @ 2.30pm at Turpins IBC. Dress code is whites.

1.Mick Andrews    1.Trevor Wignall      1.Mark Dovaston    1.Ivan Monk    1.Malcolm Byford    1.Adrian Cobie

2.Peter Chapman  2.Graham Mansell   2.Gordon Barrett    2.Tony Jones   2.Arthur Douglas    2.Eric Boultwood

3.Stephen Hill        3.Jim Girvan           3.Andrew Penfold   3.John Martin  3.Mike Armsworth  3.Chris Waite

S.Vic Cole               S.Trevor Hackett     S.Shaun Hill             S.Nick Dykes    S.Mick Harvey         S. Bill Eldridge

Reserves in no particular order:-

J Daniels, S Andrews, W Reynolds, K Sneed, R Clow, P Jordan, J Todd, K Rixon, R Chapman, B Ward.

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