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Update - Arthur Spackman Funeral


Latest details of changes to Arthur Spackman's funeral arrangements.

Please see correspondence received below:-

Dear All,

I have now heard back from Emily regarding arrangements for Arthurs funeral and it is with much regret that unfortunately they have taken the decision TO CANCEL THE WAKE AT THE CLUB. At this moment in time the Crematorium is still conducting funerals, with family and friends present but they have requested that these numbers be kept to a minimum, however, this may be subject to change before Wednesday as the situation develops. With this being the case I would like to propose, that for those members who feel comfortable, to attend the Crematorium next Wednesday before 11.30am so that we can form a GUARD OF HONOUR for Arthur and depending on the numbers  some of you may wish to attend the service afterwards to which the family welcome you. Both Arthur’s daughter, Jane and her daughter Emily fully understand that this is a very difficult and unprecedented time for people to decide what is best for them so they understand if you decide you cannot make the funeral.
 I believe that they will now be looking to holding a Memorial Service later in the year once this crisis has passed, when there will be no doubt we can give Arthur the send of he so sorely deserves and hold a proper wake at the club in his memory.
I look forward to seeing those of you who are able to attend.
Regards Garry

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